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About Us

We are Here in Australia

The business offers complete long span printed roll shade cloth materials and mesh banner scrim to cover temporary fencing, scaffolding and hoarding as used for outdoor advertising and site branding known as fence site wrap.

About Our Printed Shade Cloth Factory Save 50-70%

Supplying Trades, Builders, Fence Hire companies and temp fence screening customers directly from our shade cloth printing factory saves you 50-70%

Inside Our Factory

We offer hire companies, sign companies and building firms direct access to the best quality, lowest prices and fastest factory to you production.


One Low Price Australia Wide.

FACTORY MADE... The fence site wrap lengths are manufactured in Australia using quality materials that gives you the easiest temp fence hire banner sign mesh for advertising business products and services.
Ranging from open weave to closed weave durable mesh banner materials, printing-signwriting top header sections for business logos and slogans, architectural rendition and photo imagery. Designers and support staff are local, experienced and ready to help you.

20 years experience manufacturing and signwriting means you have all custom options at your fingertips.

As a discount supplier for temp fence hire companies and being the manufacturer, you'll be able to order top quality outdoor products exactly suited for your advertising and fence branding needs.

"Banner Mesh Made Easy!"

Factory Made!

"We've used there's guys before and have always been very happy with their work. Darlinghurst Hire"★★★★★

The largest discounts, speedy print service and fast shipping priority means you save big! Save 50%

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The Cheapest Fence Print Mesh Supplier for local services.

Liverpool Merrylands Newcastle Perth
Sydney Brisbane Gold Coast

1800 669 088